The process


Our hiring board will evaluate all aspects of your experience, reference and will meet with you through a video interview. 


Our system works literally anywhere with an internet connection. Just set your availability and you’ll work based on your schedule.


As a digital health practitioner, you’ll connect with patients over video visits and document sessions, ePrescribe and share files.   

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Our mission

Let’s just start with the point that makes us different: We founded Dialdoc with one simple purpose in mind, which is to make healthcare simply accessible and affordable for the insured, uninsured or anybody in between for a simple copay.

If you identify yourself with our mission and you register as a medical provider in the state of Arizona and would like to join our growing digital health practitioner community, we want to hear from you.

Digital health practitioner

Digital health practitioner or doctor

How it works?

As a digital health practitioner, you’ll be part of the few providers changing the way people experience health care in the state of Arizona by providing digital affordable and accessible care.

You’ll have the ability to work full or part time from the comfort of your own home or anywhere, allowing you to be more flexible, balancing work and family life.

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A unique opportunity

Your place

Have the freedom to work from home or office on your schedule. Literally, anywhere with an internet connection.

Better care

Provide patients with a full redesigned way to experience healthcare accessible and affordable.


Telemedicine is a growing niche, and it will surely take over the traditional way to provide medicine. The American Medical Association  reported that telehealth has “improve access to health care, coordination, quality, and reduce the rate of growth in spending.”

Everything you do within the platform is to provide general health services through video visits.  All these, including medical visits, patient education, emotional support, advice, prescriptions, referrals and encouragement. 

It is truly simple… All you got to do is click on the “Join Us” button and send us an email with your qualifications and we’ll get you started. After, submitting all the requirements every candidate is required to complete a video interview with a Dialdoc supervisor.

The way our system work is as follow… There will be some fees for the use of Dialdoc, but you’ll keep the bulk of your video visit earnings. Ultimately, your supplemental earning income depend on how much time you work within our platform.

Digital health practitioner or doctor

Become a practitioner

Join the forefront of healthcare as a digital health practitioner and provide accessible and affordable care in the state of Arizona.

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