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Patients Bill Of Rights

Last updated: February 1st, 2017

We define and view the healthcare system a partnership between two parties. You and your healthcare team, in this case us. We highly respect your essential rights, values and of course your dignity. In exchange, we kindly ask that you identify your responsibilities as a patients.

Patients Rights

Your have the absolute right to receive safe, respectful, compassionate and high quality medical care without discrimination.

You have the absolute right to be involve, when it comes to make any type of decision about your medical care.

You have the absolute right to have your illness and other related issues with your health explained in a simple and understanding way.

You have the absolute right to know the exact names of all the medical care team members as well as their roles.

You have the absolute right to notify close friends and family members to inform them that you are under our medical care.

You have the absolute right to make any complaints or concerns to our executive team regarding the care or services you received from us.

Patient Responsibilities

It is your full responsibility to provide all accurate information regarding your medical history and reasons for your visit.

It is your responsibility to ask for clarification, when you don’t understand anything about any procedure.

You have the responsibility and obligation to follow the rules stablished for home and telemedicine visits.

You have the responsibility to follow the care plan assigned by your medical care team.

You have the responsibility to behave and act in a way that is civilized and respectful to other members during any visit.

You have the responsibility to meet all financial obligations, after seeing one of our doctors.

Medical records

In case you need a copy of your medical records. We’ll electronically send you a summary within 24 hours. However, you also have the option to download the records through our Patient Portal¬†electronic records partner practice fusion.


We’re 100% committed to maintaining your confidentiality of your medical information. We accomplished this through our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Practice Fusion platform. You can view your records by visiting patient fusion. Learn more.

Kindly note, other particular non-medical records may be shared, as further described in detail in our privacy policy.