Online Health Tools For Entrepreneurs In Arizona

Online Health Tools!

Hey entrepreneurs in Arizona! Check and use these online health tools.

As productive members of our community, it’s very important for you to stay completely healthy. You probably already know that painfully well.

The question is how?

Even though, you may be the greatest tech savvy guru or perhaps you’re just the person that makes everything happen for your startup.

As I can imagine.

You’re perhaps the first birdie at the office and the last one to leave. But no one really understands that better than you.

You’re committed 200% in your product or service, no matter the time. You just want to make things happen whatever it takes.

So entrepreneurs in Arizona! Regardless the situation you guys might be in.

It’s completely understandable; you have lots of things on your plate to get done. But here is one important thing to never forget.

I’m sure; you already know this and to you… It may sounds like “blah blah blah blah blah”.

But once again another remainder doesn’t really hurt anybody. Instead, it might help you more than you really think.

Here it is! Your health is the most valuable asset you possess. So take care of yourself.

Wait – Wait – Wait.

I know you already got a question, and I see it coming. It’s your typical question, when it comes to this topic.

And this is how you play this role! Check it out.

Well… How can I do that? I am always busy, I have a lot in my mind right now and I just can’t do it.

Right at the end of the conversation you said the following. Because you’re looking for someone that can understand and relate to your point, even though you’re completely wrong.

“Hey, plus you know me… I got no time”. “If I don’t do this, no body is going to do it”.

Anyways! I know you’ve got lots of pressure within your world already, and I don’t want you to get the feeling that I’m here to judge.

Instead, I’m here to tell you that you’re a “Rock Start”. I completely understand where you’re coming from.

The reason for that.

I am an entrepreneur myself and I know exactly how you feel. We want to keep going until we conquer the world – “Period”. However, no matter the excuses we can come up with as entrepreneurs.

Health is everything! No matter what, it should always be first on our priority list.

So… If you haven’t already checked out the wide variety of online health tools available, now is the best time. I’ve gathered up a list of health tools here so all entrepreneurs in Arizona can benefit from without stepping out of their world.

Beyond investing a few minutes of your time, these online health tools can help you stay connected with doctors and manage your health.

DialdocNext time you have a medical concern like the following – (Should I be worry about this uncomfortable rash?), don’t ask Dr. Google.

Here’s your best bet, turn to Dialdoc instead.

This online health tool allows you to see a primary care doctor, and send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

All their primary care services is for just the cost of a simple copay. Check here how to do a virtual visit with a doctor in Arizona.

Here’s how it works.

1 – Sign Up: Register an account is simple. Login, answer a few questions about your medical history, just like when you go see regular doctors.

2 – Request Visit: Seeing one of the doctors is just a click away. Just click “request a visit” and in no time, you’ll be seeing a doctor virtually and for a simple copay.

3 – Get Well: The doctors will listen to your symptoms and send your prescription right to the pharmacy of your choice.

Everything from the comfort of your own home, work or even hotel room! All you’ve got to do is simply get well.

Dialdoc and omada healthThis is another online health tool app that I really love! They reason for that is simple, they put people first. But what exactly is the thing they do?

They keep it straightforward! They provide an online program inspiring people to create healthy habits they can live with long term. They combine the factor of science behavior with on going personal support, that way people stick to the changes they go through.

Isn’t this amazing?

Lastly, all I’ve got to say to the Omada team is this. Your approach rocks.

Dialdoc and startWhen it comes to this particular online health tool, there isn’t really anything better than them. In case you’re suffering from depression. This tool is the best way to make the process of finding something that works.

They divide their on going process within three different stages.

They begin their work by showing you what to expect, side effects and the time it takes the antidepressants to kick in within your system. Following with a full-personalized progress report throughout the treatment. So you can reflect on your mood, issues and goals.

After a few weeks within the program, you get an informed decision regarding the effectiveness of the antidepressant process.

TALK SPACE This specialty platform allows people to anonymously connect and talk to licensed, experienced and verified online therapist. So if you ever happen to go through depression, anxiety and more. This remote therapist platform have the complete ability to understand the negative experiences you might be going through and provide high quality support to make positive changes in your life. Here’s what you need to know about online therapy as well as how talk space works.This specialty platform allows people to anonymously connect and talk to licensed, experienced and verified online therapist. So if you ever happen to go through depression, anxiety and more.

This remote therapist platform have the complete ability to understand the negative experiences you might be going through and provide high quality support to make positive changes in your life.

Here’s what you need to know about online therapy as well as how talk space works.

Dialdoc and blink healthThis online platform is the new way for every single America to save money on their prescriptions. Thanks to this particular approach, everyone including “YOU” have the access to super low price prescriptions on about 15,000 medications.

So after you get a prescription from your primary care doctor. Go on your blink health account and simply pay online right before you go pick up treatment and save up to 95%.

Virta and dialdocEven thought there is a huge possibility you already know what type 2 diabetes is as well as how it affects someone’s life.

Here’s a short description about it.

It is a chronic condition that unfortunately affects the way the body processes blood sugar also known as (Glucose).

In case you didn’t know; it can be reversed, if treated properly. So if you’re actually thinking of being a bit more proactive towards this particular chronic condition.

Here’s where my #6 health tool comes into place.

The Virta Clinic! You’re going to love this team.

They’re shifting the conversation from diabetes management to reversal. Isn’t this amazing. Here’s how they’re doing it.

Medisafe and DialdocThis app and web application is the greatest example of the term “Together we’ve a better chance of getting further”. In this case, “Getting better”. Which it is exactly, what we all need in a moment of sickness!

Here’s a great quote they actually have on their website.

“Remembering to take medication is a challenge for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be”.

In case you haven’t heard about this app! They like to keep it simple.

They’re in the business of helping people manage their medications by setting reminders to take them and create a support system.

In addition, one of the great features about this app is the following. People can actually add others such as family members, friends or caregivers to avoid missing their pills. and DialdocWhen it comes to prescription drugs the more you know the better, which is exactly what this app and web application can provide for you and me.

Here’s the reason they’re in the market for.

“To empower patients with the knowledge to better manage their own healthcare and to improve consumer safety by assisting in the reduction of medication errors.”

Besides of being the biggest, and most visited, independent medical information platform online. They’re also the most trusted resource with related health information.

Pillpack and DialdocThis awesome app is actually one of the best platforms out there, when it comes to trying to change how people experience healthcare.

In fact, they’re a full service pharmacy that delivers a better, simpler experience for people managing their medications.

So if you happen to be one of those Americans that struggle with medication management. Look no further!

This service will help you avoid any medication errors as well as to better the way you manage them. Therefore, you never have to worry about your medications again.

Getting started is pretty easy, assuming you already have a prescription from your doctor. It normally takes about five minutes to set up your account and your medications will be on your way. Here’s how their service works.

Neurotrack and DialdocHave you ever heard the rumor that says, your eyes tell a story.

Here it is!

Kindly, allow me to introduce to you the most powerful brain health assessment app, and web application there is in the market.

Literally, You will be amazed about the positive results one can actually get from just a simple assessment.

Believe it or not!

This particular assessment is built on eye tracking technology that can actually reveal a patient’s brain health and future risk of cognitive decline.

In fact, their research show that by tracking the eye while someone is looking into a series of images, they can configure abnormalities in the hippocampus before symptoms appear.

Isn’t this powerful?

If you still have your doubts, you can actually read about Dr. Zola’s work as well as the science behind their approach.


Obviously, there are many more online health tools than just these ten.

One of the big ones? Cellscope? I’m a huge fan, and I can’t wait to get my hands in one of those and actually use it for our remote care program.

In my experience, the ten online health tools above are helpful because they are 1) relatively easy to learn and use, and 2) provide quick service that can make a difference in your busy schedules as entrepreneurs in Arizona.

It’s very important for you to keep in mind that these online health tools will not magically help you with your health.

You’ll have to actually invest a few minutes of your time to set up your account and go through the service to get the help you need.

In my experience, the most helpful tip before using any of these online health tools is to set up your appointment in a quite environment.

Therefore, you can concentrate and have a better conversation with your doctor.

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but these online health tools has brought us to the point where having access to healthcare is literally easier than ever before.

So… If you have a different opinion about digital health or perhaps have a question about any of the online health tools mentioned above.

You can leave a comment bellow.

I’ll be happy to reply.

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