How to Do a Virtual Visit With a Doctor in Arizona

Virtual Visit!

We all know that going to the doctor can be a real pain, especially if you don’t have the time or resources to actually do it. One factor that is very important, which we cannot forget about, but can’t really avoid.

Yes, you’re right, “the waiting room full of sick people.”

Well… Now thanks to technology, that is not the case anymore!

Now you can actually avoid all these headaches and see a primary care doctor in Arizona through our Dialdoc platform for a simple copay.

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Yes! You heard me right… For just the price of a simple copay.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to avoid the hassle and the stress of going to the doctor and actually seeing one from the comfort of your own home, and for a simple copay,

We kindly recommend that you continue reading….

But, first… Here’s something we find fascinating and actually thought you should know it too.

Did you know that almost 75% of all doctor visits can actually be done virtually?

In case you didn’t know! Well…. Now you do. And next time you aren’t feeling well, you know! You can see a doctor in a matter of minutes and for a simple copay.

Here you can actually click and see what we treat in a regular day!

Dialdoc treats primary care health issues

Now lets just get to the point to what you really need to know…

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure your dialdoc virtual visit is a truly positive experience and free of technical glitches.


Dialdoc brings virtual doctors1. Use a good quality webcam.

Virtual visits work best when your Dialdoc doctor can actually see you clearly. This means you need to use a webcam that allows a good quality vision interaction.

In case you don’t have a webcam, there isn’t a reason for you to worry. The good thing is that pretty much all devices and computers now come with high quality integrated webcams.

Dialdoc is a primary care online platform2. Set up the camera at eye level.

Weather you’re just using an integrated or any type of external camera, try to set it up approximately to eye level interaction. This will actually make it easier for your doctor to see and engage with you even better.

Dialdoc helps with primary health issues3. Use quality sound equipment.

Most of the computers and quality cameras have a good built-in microphone and speakers. Test them out by using a recording program on your computer or just by making a call or video chat to one of your friends.

  • Can the other person clearly hear you?
  • Do you need to talk more loudly or just get closer to the mic?
  • Can you actually hear them ok?

Dialdoc prescribes electronically in Arizona4. Set Your notifications.

At Dialdoc we offer the option to get notifications via email, phone, and text. So all you have to do is decide which one best work for you and make sure to set it up.


Primary care doctors for less than a copay1. Test out your webcam.

Before you start your virtual visit with your dialdoc primary care doctor, make sure the webcam is property working. Open up the webcam via your control panel or just a video app like Skype to test it out.

Dialdoc primary care doctors2. Make sure your volume’s on.

All this little things are simple but we all make these little mistakes very often. Check your sound to be sure it isn’t muted. You can actually open a video online or a song to test out your audio.

Dialdoc3. Test your microphone.

Try out your microphone. Open a recording program to test, or just look for the microphone device within your control panel to make sure is working properly.

Dialdoc is for the family4. Plug in your computer or mobile device.

The last thing you want during your Dialdoc visit is for your power to die. Kindly, make sure the computer or mobile device you’re using is either fully charged or plugged in before the visit starts.

Doctors for less than a copay5. Use a wired Internet connection.

It is completely ok to do a virtual visit over a wifi connection. But your device is less likely to lose the connection if it’s directly connected to a regular cable.

If you’re using your mobile device and some how you experience bandwidth issues, try connecting to your home’s wifi. We recommended using a connection of at least 3mbps.

Dialdoc is your primary care doctor6. Closed unnecessary programs.

Having too many other things running on any of the devices your trying to do the visit can actually strain the memory and reduce the quality of the video chat. So before you start your Dialdoc visit try closing all the unnecessary programs as possible.

Here’s a good point… If you haven’t restarted your computer in a while or closed any programs you may want to do that.

Internet doctor is the Dialdoc7. Use the right browser.

Dialdoc works 100% better using the following platforms! Chrome and Firefox, so we highly recommended using these two particular browsers for better connectivity results.

Dialdoc doctors online8. Dress appropriately.

Your Dialdoc primary care doctor will be able to see you, so make sure you’re dressed properly.

Dialdoc is healthcare from your home9. Find a quite space.

Either if you’re at home, work or anywhere in Arizona, try finding a quite space where you aren’t likely to get interrupted. You’ll feel more comfortable with more privacy and you’ll be less likely to be distracted during t your virtual visit.

Primary care doctors for less than a copay10. Adjust the lighting.

Before you start your virtual visit, test out your lighting. It is your image clear? Is the picture too dark? Try turning any overhead lights and blocking the lights from the window, which can lead to too much background light in the video.

Dialdoc online primary care doctors11. Note everything you’d like to ask or discuss with your doctor.

Take a minute or two before starting your Dialdoc virtual visit to write down any questions you may have for the doctor.

Dialdoc brings primary care to Arizona12. Note everything you’d like to ask or discuss with your doctor.

Just in case you have technical issues or other problems come up, kindly have our number and email address handy. Here’s our contact number (520) 301-1603 and email [email protected] – if you experiences a bad connection.


Dialdoc your doctor online1. Share your screen when prompted.

With our Dialdoc platform you have to share your computer screen, if you want to start or continue forward with the virtual visit. Here’s an example of how this actually looks.

Dialdoc is your primary care online doctor

Primary care for less than a copay. Dialdoc2. Stay engaged.

When it come to having a regular conversation with a Dialdoc doctor. Act like you would like during an in person visit: Ask any questions, give us a throughout explanation of your symptoms and just listen closely.

One quick tip! Make sure you’re looking into the camera and stay close to your device so your doctor can see and hear you.

Virtual doctors3. Pat yourself in the back.

You just did your first virtual visit with Dialdoc! You saved time and money by seeing a primary care doctor for less than a copay. Make sure to follow any recommendations your doctor provided during the virtual visit.

Kindly, share any feedback so we can improve our platform for your future visit experience.

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