The Flu: A Simple Guide For Parents

What Is The Flu?

The influenza also known as (The Flu) is a typical infection of our nose, throat and lungs particularly caused by the influenza viruses. Since, it is a seasonal type of virus it constantly changes, causing severe illness, long hospital stays and unfortunately deaths.
Not to alarm anybody, but this virus is more serious than more people think. The flu can be tremendously dangerous.

According to the CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

“About 20,000 children younger than 5 years old are hospitalized from flu complications, like pneumonia.”

How Serious Is The Flu?

Even though many people, including medical providers think this isn’t very serious. Our medical team considers the flu as something completely dangerous that could escalate in a matter of a day from mild to truly severe.

While the flu can be potentially serious for people that are healthy, imagine how it can be for young adults and children of any age that happen to struggle with certain health conditions, such as asthma, lung disease blood disorders or weakened immune system.

Unfortunately, these children with such conditions tend to get a more severe illness from this particular virus.

How Does The Flu Spread?

It is believed by many medical professionals that the flu viruses spread by droplets in particular when people with the same virus tend to cough, sneeze or with something as simple as talking.

These so called droplets actually can land in the mouths and noses of other people that happen to be around a person with the virus.

It also known that a person might get sick with the virus by simply touching something that actually has the virus on it, and later touching their own eyes, nose or even their mouth.

This is one of the reasons, it is recommended to wash your hands repeatedly, especially during the flu season.

What Are The Symptoms Of The Flu?

When it comes to the symptoms of such virus, they can actually vary.
They include fever, cough, sore throat body aches headache chills, fatigue, runny or stuffy nose. Also, something very usual through this illness is vomiting and diarrhea.

Something tricky for people to know is that not to many people do not get fever with the flu.

How Long A Person With The Flu Spread The Virus?

The people that get the flu can actually infect others by shedding the virus from just a short day before getting sick up to 7 days after the fact.

However, Something to keep in mind is that children or other people with a weakened immune system can possibly shed the virus for longer.

How Can I Protect My Child?

The number one thing to do to protect your child against the flue is to get the flu vaccine.

Our medical providers can actually help you through a video conference without any hassle or stress. Especially, when your child is not feeling well.

Here are a few recommendations for you to follow:

  • The flue vaccinations is recommended for everyone who is 6 months and older.
  • It is always important for children with long-term health conditions to get the vaccination as quick as possible.
  • Caregivers in charge of children with health conditions should get the vaccination.
  • Do not forget that babies with just a few months cannot get the vaccination.
  • One great and important factor to protect babies from the flu is to vaccinate pregnant women. Research actually shows that women that get the vaccination during pregnancy protect the baby for as long as a few months after is born.

Here is what…

The baby Center Editorial Team actually said about it.

“Yes. It’s not only safe. It could actually save your – or your baby’s life.”

Something very important that medical providers around the country, including our virtual primary care team want you to know is that each year, a new vaccine is developed.

The reason for such action is to try to combat the strain and protect everybody from the viruses that are most likely to cause illnesses during that same year season.

This vaccine operation is meticulously made with string safety and production measures. In fact, if you really want to find more information.

You can actually read…

The Scientific American  research blog, made by Everyday Einstein Sabrina Stierwalt on February 4, 2016.

Which explains how the vaccines are made and how over the years, millions of vaccines have been given in our country with a strong safety record.

How is the seasonal flu vaccines made”

Is there medicine to treat the flu?

It is very common for antiviral to treat the flu. They actually make you feel better fast, and also may prevent way serious complications such as pneumonia.

Even though, these particular drugs are completely different from antibiotics, they actually need to be prescribed by a doctor.

Here you can schedule a virtual visit with a doctor

Kindly, check and see how we can help you get your child’s vaccine to avoid getting sick.

Also, check our best quick ways to keep ” The flu out of your life “.

What Can I Do If My Child Gets Sick?


The best think you can do as a parent is to talk to your doctor early if you tend to be worry about your child’s illness.

If your child happens to be 5 years or older without any type of other health problems and get the symptoms, including cough or fever.

We recommend for you to contact your doctor as much as needed. Also, make sure you provide your child with enough fluids and plenty of rest.

If your child happens to be younger than 5 years with other health conditions, like asthma or diabetes… They are at tremendous risk for serious complications from the virus.

We highly recommend for you to contact your doctor and have your child examined right away.

What If My Child Seems Very Sick?

The first think parents should do is to calm down.

It is very common for healthy children or for those that had the flue before to get sick from the flu every year.

You can take your child or get in contact with an emergency team, if your child shows any of these signs below:

  • Fast breathing
  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Not interacting
  • Changing skin color
  • Has other health conditions
  • Not drinking enough fluids

Can My Child Go To School With The Flu?

The answer is definitely NO.

It is recommended for your child to stay home to rest and avoid giving the flu to others.

When Can My Child Go Back To School?

It is always best to keep your child home from school at least one day after the virus is gone.


In case you have to see a doctor.

Do not forget that now you can do that virtually. Here’s how to do a virtual primary care doctor in the state of Arizona.

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