9 Simple ways For You To Understand High Cholesterol

So what in the world is it?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that comes from two different sources. Your body and the food you eat in regular basis. Another, great way to easily put it is as follow. It is one of the building blocks of the human body.

In fact, it is a great essential component of our membranes and is required for the production of many of our hormones.

Here’s a crucial thing about it!

Even though, cholesterol is complete necessary in our life, excess of cholesterol in our blood could be deadly.

So how is high cholesterol dangerous?

High levels of LDL and related lipoproteins contribute to a disease called atherosclerosis – the buildup of fatty deposits in the walls of arteries that carry blood to vital organs like the heart and brain.

These vigorous deposits are plaques and they can actually restrict the flow of your blood, and can potentially break away from the walls of the arteries and block the blood flow of blood altogether. The result can be a heart attack or stroke.

So what causes high cholesterol?

Believe or Not!

This high cholesterol epidemic that we see in our daily life is most often caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices… Simple as that!

In reality, the main causes of such are with no doubt physical inactivity, wrong diets, and the worst of all smoking.

So how common is it?

Here’s something that will shock you!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that roughly one of every six adults in America has dangerously high cholesterol. The combine age within this population for men is 45 and 55 for women.

However, as research continues to be done about this particular illness, researchers tend to find it more and more in younger individuals too. Read what Everyday Health has to say about high cholesterol levels in the young.

If you still have questions about this topics! You can always contact us.

So how about the symptoms?

Unfortunately for all Americans, this particular illness “high cholesterol” typically has no symptoms what so ever until it’s really too late.

However, for your relief…

One of the best ways if not the best one is to get a blood test.

So should I be tested?

When it comes to your health; you always have to be tested no matter what. Just because you have to make sure you’re healthy.

Here’s a quick break down:


They should have their first test around the age of 35 no later than that.


They should be tested no later than age 40.

However, if you tent to have a family history of high cholesterol, it is highly recommended to get the test done at a younger age.

On the other hand, if you already know that you have high cholesterol; it is always good for you to have your numbers rechecked at least twice a year.

So how does the test work?

In general, when it comes to your test what we really want to see is the LDL and triglycerides as low as possible, and your HDL as high as possible.

However, your cholesterol exact numerical goals depend on many factors. It the duty of your primary care provider to help you determine whether your results are acceptable for your unique situation.

So where can I get tested?

Getting tested is really simple…

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Here’s one great lab testing facility, we recently discovered here in Tucson that shares our same goals.

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So how do you treat high cholesterol?

The truth!

For most people, the greatest treatment for high cholesterol is just a matter of changing their lifestyle, which is rarely easy. It takes really hard work, but the benefits can be astronomical.

Here you can see an example of what it really takes to get it done:

  • Losing some extra pounds but even better maintaining your healthy weight
  • Doing some exercise at least twice a week
  • Eats lots of vegetables and grains
  • Avoid eating hydrogenated fats
  • Avoid extra sodium
  • Cut back alcohol beverage
  • Quit smoking

Even though lifestyle modifications sometimes isn’t enough to maintain your health. When it comes to those cases, medication with no doubt might be necessary.

At this point, your medical provider will help you determine the exact appropriate treatment you may be able to follow.

So can high cholesterol be prevented?

This part is actually a little tricky…

However, most of the time the answer is YES. Unless you have strong genetic predisposition toward high cholesterol.

Here are other sources that you can learn from about cholesterol: “American Heart Association” and “Centers for Disease Control and prevention

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