Quick Ways To Keep The Flu Out Of Your Life

Quick ways

Did you know that between 40 to 60 million of Americans get influenza (Also known as “the flu”) each year. However, one of the greatest things about is that you really don’t have to be one of them at all.

As this season approaches, you can take simple precautions this way you don’t get push around by the fever, cough and all the congestions caused by such illness.

Your Mother is Right

Clean your hands, especially right after every single meal as well as every time you touch dirty exteriors such as doors, restroom faucets, cellphones, and definitely computer keyboards.

Avoid Being Touchy

One important factor for you to know is that our face tends to collect a severe amount of dust. Believe or not, to a point causing to get the flu.

Therefore, one good way to avoid this illness, it is always good avoid touching your face or other people’s faces, for that matter.

Do Not Share

This particular point is very important. Try no to do it at all, specially during flu season. Remember not to share food, drinks and personal items like toothbrushes.

Keeping a Distance

Please do not worry about offending anybody. You’re trying to take care of your health. So try to stand at least 5 feet away from anyone who appears sick and wants to talk to you.

Get Your Fruits and Veggies

Your immune system is viral here! So to give it a little boost, you have to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Also do not forget water. Since, it is also necessary to keep yourself hydrated.

One quick note! Avoid at all cause things that will leave you vulnerable, such as alcohol and tobacco.

Avoid your kids

It is understandable you want to hug and kiss your children, when you feel vulnerable. However, it is actually not recommended.

Here’s why you should do it!

The Healthy day News for healthier living says that “children usually get or become infected with the flu through contact with someone who has the flu, Parents.”

Get Your Shot

You know the truth! Defense wins games. So the best option for you to avoid getting sick is to get the flu shot. Which the CDC recommends for everyone six months or older. The seasonal flu vaccine is extremely safe and effective.

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Know The Risk

The vaccination is always a good idea for everyone. However, we strongly recommended for people over the age of 50, those with current chronic condition and pregnant women.

Keep It In The House

If by any change you get to be one to the 60 million Americans that get sick. We kindly, ask to be considerate of others and stay home, get rest and do not go to work.

If for any reason you have the need to go out in public, be 100% sure to always cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze and cough. Also, wash your hands frequently.

Never forget that nowadays…

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