Hello Arizona

Hello from Dialdoc

Here’s our truth!

As doctors, Nurses, Medical providers, mothers, wives, husbands and friends. We’re truly happy to introduce Dialdoc to our community here in state of Arizona, our neighborhood.

We’ve created a digital health clinic to help busy families see a doctor in the comfort of their home, with no hassle and no stress.

We connect our community with experienced and licensed general doctors from your own city, town and neighborhood. Doctors that are well know for their patient holistic and centric approach.

However, The best of our services besides our digital health services. It’s our complete restructure-pricing model.

You as a patient, now have the opportunity to see a primary care doctor within minutes for a simple copay $40 or $30. Everything from the comfort of your own home with No hidden fees or surcharges.

See here how it works.

Just caring and friendly doctors dedicated to help you and your family with general health issues and concerns.

In reality, we’re committed to simplify the way healthcare is delivery and receive in the state of Arizona. Just because that is how healthcare should be… “Period”.

So, if you are ready to give our new approach a try and save money, time and effort by receiving high primary care through video conference.

Visit us today!

We’d love for you to try our virtual primary care services and experience healthcare the way it was meant to be.

“Simple, accessible and affordable”.

Here’s how to start a virtual visit with a doctor in Arizona.

Feel better, faster.

Thank you


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