We’re redesigning healthcare

Because we’re just crazy about it

Why we do it

To make healthcare affordable for the insured, uninsured or anybody in between.

Who we are

Rulebrakers in pursuit of changing the healthcare system, one patient at the time. 

What we do

Provide healthcare designed to fit anybody for less then a regular copay.

What We Treat

So, We’re Building This

A secure online medical platform that anybody in the state of Arizona can access affordable health care, all from the comfort of their own home, hotel, work or on the road.

Literally, anywhere without any hassle or stress through telemedicine services for a simple copay.


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Download the Dialdoc app and receive immediate quality care from the comfort of home or anywhere, for a simple copay.


How we’re different

Caring providers

Dialdoc has some of the top healthcare providers from Arizona. The ones with the belief the best way to change the healthcare system is by focusing on people.

Treating you, differently

We know for a fact you’re always busy working, having fun or just taking care of your family. So we want to make sure you get the care you need on your terms.  

No hassel No strees

Our main priority is to provide the most affordable and best quality service that suits into your everyday life with no hassle and no stress, for a simple copay.

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Our vision

To conveniently simplify healthcare

Our mission

To simply make healthcare hassle-free

There isn’t a secrete the healthcare system in our country is completely out of line. It is literally broken. The cruel part, we see it, experience it and talk about it everyday. But, no body tends to do anything to change it or even improve it.

For many people, accessible and affordable healthcare is something they consider literally impossible. Since the cost of a doctor visit with insurance or without insurance can be astronomically expensive.

We highly believe that having accessible and affordable healthcare is truthfully a human right that everybody deserves.

Every member of our society regardless of their background, legal status or race should have convenient access to healthcare anywhere, anytime they need it.

At Dialdoc, we’re also patients and actually, know from experience that going to a doctor’s office can literally be a very costly decision. Especially without the right insurance or sometimes no insurance at all.

We’re challenging the status quo, breaking down unnecessary and unfair barriers within the system. Therefore, people can have simply accessible and affordable healthcare without the hassle and the stress and for a simple copay.

This is who we are

A family and enthusiastic group powered by passionate people in the pursuit of changing the status quo of the healthcare system, one patient at the time.

German UrregoCo-Founder, CEO
I strongly believe people deserve a better way to receive care. A system with No hassle and No stress! Period.
Gloria O'NeillCo-Founder, CMO
I highly believe the best way to change the health care system is to naturally focus on what really matters the most! “People”.
Alicia LizarrgaCo-Founder, CTO
It’s my belief people deserve a hassle-free health care. Which is why; I made it my purposed to create one through technology.