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Convenient primary care

Dialdoc primary care services in Arizona for less than a copay.

Immediate care

Primary care video consults from anywhere in Arizona. Get prescriptions and sick notes in minutes.

Dialdoc provides primary care services for less than a copay.

Comfort first

Accessible and affordable primary care with the push of a button from the comfort of home.

Dialdoc provides primary care services for less than a copay

Get better, faster

Say goodbye to the hassle and the stress of a waiting room full of sick people and Feel better, faster.

About Us

Virtual doctors in arizona

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Registering with Dialdoc is free. Creating your account is simple, and it actually takes just a few minutes.  

Describe your symptoms

Submit all your symptoms and concerns and we’ll connect you with a doctor in a matter of minutes. Say goodbye to the receptionist and skip the waiting the room.

See the doctor online

You’ll get an assessment, diagnosis, sick note or provide a prescription in less time than it actually takes to drive to any clinic or emergency room.

What we treat

Our doctors can treat many health conditions, without you ever having to leave your home or office. See more conditions 

Dialdoc fever

Dialdoc cold and flu

Dialdoc sinus infections

 Dialdoc allergic reactions

Dialdoc cough

Dialdoc migraines

Dialdoc body aches

Dialdoc skin infections

Dialdoc asthma

Dialdoc sore throat

dialdoc bites and stings

Dialdoc erectile dysfunction

DoctorsLicensed providers

Our primary care doctors are well experienced and 100% licensed to practice in the state of Arizona.

clockAvoid the wait

Don’t spend long hours in a waiting room? Dialdoc primary care doctors see you in a matter of minutes!

Dialdoc provides primary care services for less than a copay

antibioticPrescription waiting

Need a prescription or referrals? We will send it after the visit, right to your pharmacy of choice.

smartphoneOn the go

use our unique medical platform, so you can request your visit anywhere in the state of Arizona.

Our services

Dialdoc primary care doctors

Primary care

Allergies, Cold, Cough, Fever, Flu, Infections, Acid reflux, Headaches, Migraines, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Constipation, Asthma, and more.

Dialdoc primary care prescriptions and referrals


If appropriate our doctors can prescribe medications online, and conveniently send it electronically the pharmacy of your choice.

Dialdoc primary care prescriptions and referrals

Sick notes

Doctor’s note for either work or school without traveling to the doctor’s office and setting a food in a waiting room.

Learn how it works

Getting better just got easier

Fast response time

The average wait time to see a dialdoc primary care provider is about 1o minutes or less.

Anywhere in Arizona

Consult a primary care doctor on a mobile device or computer from your place without any hassle or stress.

More affordable

It cost less than a regular visit to the emergency room, urgent care center and even a regular doctor.

Affordable healthcare for everyone in Arizona

What makes us different

Great care

We use medical evidence-based guidelines to make sure it’s safe and appropriate to give you a prescription.

Dialdoc is better care

Amazing value

Our visit fees are normally more affordable than other services including urgent cares, emergency rooms, and private clinics.

Quick and simple

We have an easy and quick turnaround because of our implementation! Requesting a prescription takes a few minutes.

Dialdoc primary care virtual appointment

Feel better, faster!

Register your account with Dialdoc today and feel better, faster without a visit to the doctor for a simple copay.

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